Mitsuru Kudo

工藤 充

CO Design Center, Associate Professor


  • - 2014/12, The Australian National University, Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science

Research History

  • 2018/04/01 - Present, Osaka University CO Design Center, Associate Professor
  • 2016/07/01 - 2018/03/31, Osaka University CO Design Center, Assistant Professor
  • 2016/01/01 - 2016/06/30, Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design, Assistant Professor
  • 2015/11/01 - 2015/12/31, Osaka University Center for the Study of Communication-Design, Specially Appointed Researcher
  • 2015/04 - 2015/12, Science & Innovation Officer, Science & Innovation Section, British Consulate-General Osaka
  • 2013/04 - 2015/03, Research Associate, Science Communication Group, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Science education
  • Humanities & social sciences, Sociology/history of science and technology

Professional Memberships

  • Network for the Public Communication of Science and Technology


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  • 科学技術イノベーション政策へのパブリックエンゲージメント:「再生医療」と「夢ビジョン2020」を対象とした取組み, 2014/06


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  • ファシリテーション実践の省察から「市民参加」の意味を再考する, 2019/11
  • A qualitative study of reflective accounts of a science communication training programme provided by its former trainees, 2018/04
  • 「政策のための科学」と専門知コミュニケーション, 2017/09
  • Science communication glocalised: examining how the Western science communication discourse on citizen participation has been incorporated into Japanese science policy, 2017/06
  • Potentials, limitations and the future direction of postgraduate education and training in science communication, 2017/02
  • A support tool for addressing the ELSI of emerging science and technology in Japan, 2017/02
  • 社会問題解決のためのエコシステムと研究コミュニティの役割, 2016/11
  • Promotion of "science communication" over the last two decades in Japan, 2016/11
  • Engaging the public in STI policymaking: Using segmentation method as an indicator for science and society, 2016/09
  • これまでの転機を振り返る, 2016/09
  • Potential and challenges of implementing RRI postgraduate education: a case from Japan, 2016/03
  • STI政策へのパブリックエンゲージメント:「再生医療」と「夢ビジョン2020」を対象に, 2014/10
  • Reflecting on the close collaboration with policy practitioners in developing a model of public engagement with science, technology and innovation policy in Japan, 2014/09
  • 科学技術イノベーション政策形成のためのパブリックエンゲージメントについての省察:「夢ビジョン2020」への取組みを事例として, 2014/09
  • Developing a model of public engagement with science, technology and innovation policy in Japan, 2014/01
  • STIに向けた政策プロセスへの関心層別関与フレーム設計, 2013/11
  • 科学技術イノベーションに向けた政策プロセスへの関心層別関与フレーム設計, 2013/09
  • Science communication as a university subject in Australia, 2013/08
  • 「国民ニーズ」と「専門家ニーズ」を包含した政策メニュー提言プロセスの検討, 2013/06
  • A critical examination of the promotion of public understanding of science in Japan, 2012/02